Animal Behavior College Graduate -Julie Reber Helping Dogs Find Forever Homes


Julie Reber Helping Dogs Find Forever Homes

Shelter Dogs need Forever Homes
Shelter Dogs need Forever Homes

“We have been discussing the clear correlation between training and adoption for a number of years,” said Steven Appelbaum, founder and CEO of ABC. “It is wonderful that greater numbers of shelters and rescue organizations also get the connection. This is why we reach out to these groups whenever we can. We know that better trained dogs are easier to adopt and less likely to be returned.”

Animal Behavior College is very proud of all our students, each of them has donated 10 hours individually, for a combined total of over 93,000 hours donated to shelters. It is our passion to help dogs & cats find forever homes.

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  1. Thiago daLuz says

    That is downright heroic! And the very reason that the dog vet in Carpentersville IL is one of our best friends. They understand what drives dog lovers!

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