January’s Dog Obedience Instructor Program Student Of The Month


ABC Dog Training Program Student of the Month – January 2013

Zenith “Beirne” Beaty

ABC Dog Training Program's Student of the month - Zenith "BeirneZenith “Beirne” Beaty, a Cleveland resident, is currently interning at Play Dog Excellent! with dog trainers Nancy Miller and Julie Jones-Thornton. She’s been involved with Institutional Advancement for higher education for the past 30 years and started working with the rescue Cleveland for a No Kill City as a foster mom, temperament assessor and transportation coordinator. Later, Beirne became a short-term hospice foster for older dogs, turning some of their lives around and finding them forever homes. Beirne is planning to offer dog training classes that emphasize positive reinforcement methods for the rescue’s foster families.

  • What has been your most rewarding moment as a dog trainer?

Since becoming a hospice foster mom, I have learned so much about re-homing elderly dogs. I am dedicated to finding these animals a great home to live out the rest of their days. Being a dog trainer helps me achieve this goal.

  • Describe one pet story that touched you the most during your volunteer hours.

Art, my elderly hospice foster that was originally from a hunting range, is one of my favorite success stories. The shelter told me he was “shutting down” and I would only have him for a few weeks. Basically, they wanted to make sure he had a warm place to pass in peace. He wasn’t even able to eat out of a bowl because his teeth were so bad. After two months of consistent vet care, love, and dedicated companionship, we discovered he had a lot more to give. I contacted the rescue and told them he was no hospice foster, just a misunderstood senior citizen. He was adopted 18 months ago by a woman who still loves him dearly to this day.

  • Are you currently a full-time trainer? If yes, how many hours do you spend training a week? If no, are you working toward training full-time?

No, I’m an independent trainer and retired. I do this for the majority of my time, but I do it on my own time because of the passion I have for animals.

  • What was the biggest challenge you have faced during your externship and how did you overcome it?

Earning enough money to assist and rescue as much as I’d like—and want. I drove 10,460 miles last year and spent close to $3,000 in leashes, collars, food and other things every dog needs while they’re being fostered and then adopted out to their forever homes.

  • Which dog breed best describes you and why?

Pit bulls, of course; that breed is misunderstood. Both of my dogs have their Canine Good Citizen certification and are going to start working with local hospitals as therapy dogs.

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