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Introducing A New Pet to Your Existing Pack


Thinking of bringing home a new Furry Friend to be a member of your existing pet family? Just a little preparation and pre-planning can go a long way towards keeping the peace in the pack! Our tip sheets below can help you understand what’s necessary in order to introduce a new dog or cat to your existing Furry Friends and understand what’s behind those initial barks and growls. Growing your pet family is a good thing, as long as all involved are treated with consideration, respect and kindness.

Do you have experience at introducing new members to your existing pet family? How did it go? Please post your story or (better yet!) additional suggestions in the “comments” area below.

One Response to Introducing A New Pet to Your Existing Pack

  • A great collection of resources here. I always suggest rewarding your dog and letting him no early on what your expectations are. It’s harder to break someone from behavior he’s used to than training from the beginning.

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