How to Transport a Cat


Traveling with Your Cat

Cat CarrierSomeday in the life of your cat, you will eventually need to take her to the vet, groomer or new location. Instead of chasing down the cat and trying to trap her with a blanket or towel, think about using a less disturbing method.

Before you convey any indications of transporting your cat anywhere, you will have to make a plan. If you just suddenly take out the carrier, then she will disappear and you’ll have to pry her out of her favorite hiding spot.

How to Travel Train Your Cat

Contain Your Cat

Hours before your appointment, work on containment. If you feed your cat in the kitchen and it has doors that can be closed, begin with that. Otherwise, try to feed or give treats in a room that has doors you can close — preferably in a room without beds, sofas and other inaccessible places to hide. Better yet, have the cat carrier in that consolidated room. Place it in an area accessible for you and your cat. Open the carrier so your cat can check it out and use it as a place to nap. Entice your cat by leaving treats inside the carrier once a while.

Condition Your Cat

Once your cat is comfortable around her carrier, start conditioning her in a gentle and non-stressful way. Do this by taking your cat on car rides prior to the veterinarian or grooming appointment. If your cat scratches, invest in a pair of pet handling gloves.

By conditioning your cat to travel in a car, you can prevent incidents and maintain your cat’s comfort during the big trip.

Always Use a Cat Carrier

Last, but not least, always transport your cat by carrier. Cats may become frightened at the sight of dogs, which may lead to biting and scratching.

How do you get your cat in the car? Tell us in the comments below!

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