How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over


Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Tricks to Teach Your DogTeaching your pooch to roll over is a fun trick to practice, but it can also be a gateway cue for additional training like teaching your dog to stay. Since many cues build upon other cues, teaching your dog as many cues as possible can offer good exercise while building a ladder to other training. Roll over is just such a gateway cue.

Below are the steps to training your pup to roll over:

  1. Use a reward. Hold high above his nose and cue your pup to “sit.” You can use either a treat reward or a toy reward for a successful “sit.” Some trainers have found the toy reward to be very effective as a lure for this training practice.
  2. Hold the toy or treat at the end of the dog’s nose and begin to slowly lower it to the ground. This action will lure the dog into the “down” position.
  3. Once your pup is down, move the toy up and around your pup’s neck, prompting him to roll over and follow the lure of the toy or treat.
  4. When your pup has successfully rolled over, offer him his ball or favorite toy you have used for the lesson.

Do it Again, Repetition is Important

As you proceed through each step of the training session, make sure to repeat yourself. Repeating the cue creates the pattern for your dog. Also, after each successful accomplishment is performed by your dog—each step of the ladder so to speak—offer lots of praise and positive reinforcement.

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