How to Groom Your Dog with Clippers


Using Clippers to Groom Your Dog

How to Groom a DogMany dog owners at some point wonder if they could perform a haircut on their pets to save on grooming fees. They will see the clippers available at the local pet store and decide the price of the clipper will pay itself off in about three or four haircuts. They take the clipper home, put a blade on it and start shaving. They soon learn that it is a hairier procedure than they thought.

Not All Dogs Need Clipping

First, what type of dog do you own? Poodle breeds are the best dog breeds for clipping. On the other hand, breeds with fur do not need clipping. Their fur coats protect their skin. Clipping these dogs can destroy the coat. The coat may grow back in blotches or not grow back in at all. Instead of a clipper, purchase a deshedding tool.

Selecting Dog Clippers

A good dog clipper is quiet and has attachable blade combs. Ask an employee from the pet store to demonstrate how to attach and remove the different sizes of blades.

When selecting attachable blade combs, buy those with a number 10, 15 or 30 blade. The higher the number on the blade, the shorter or closer the cut will be. For example, a 4F blade will leave 3/8 of an inch.

The blades should never be used to clip the dog’s body without a comb attachment. Never just grab a clipper and start clipping until you have checked to see you have a safe blade size on the clipper.

For a short puppy cut, you can use a number 4F blade. Always cut in the direction the hair grows. Otherwise, you will end up with a cut shorter than you wanted. For a longer puppy cut, use the attachable clipper combs.

Dog Shears

In addition to dog clippers, thinning shears can be used to blend any uneven areas and shorten the face. When working with the face and ears, always know where the skin is.

Clipping your dog can potentially save grooming costs so long as you do it right. Take your time and have the dog secured. Always have someone to help if necessary.

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    That’s a very handsome Poodle! I’ve always struggled with grooming my dog. He’s a German Shepard, and it seems like there is no end to his shedding. Sometimes, when my carpets get overlaid with hair, I’ve thought about shaving him! I’m not sure if he’d like that, so I want to find some helpful information on how to avoid shaving him. Do you know how to control German Shepard shedding?

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