How to Choose a Dog Trainer


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How to Choose a Dog Trainer

For many people, pets are like their children and they will love them unconditionally no matter what behavior problems they may have. Dog training is an effective way of breaking your pooch’s bad habits and turning him into a good dog that is if you find the right dog trainer. Unfortunately, not everyone who decides to get into animal training does so for the right reasons or has the experience or skills to do an effective job. There are several questions that you should ask before you trust someone with your dog.

Know His Background

The more experience he has, the easier it will be for him to train dogs with a variety of problems. You should also ask if he has any certifications. While not necessary to pursue an animal career, dog trainers with a certification (like the one earned at Animal Behavior College) may be more qualified to train dogs. ABC offers students a comprehensive curriculum along with hands-on training, which helps ensure graduates are well equipped to train your dog.

Learn His Specialty

Many certified dog trainers specialize in certain training areas, such as obedience, behavior and agility. Other trainers specialize in individual problems like biting, destroying furniture and housebreaking. If you can find a trainer with a specialty in what you need, you will get the results you are looking for.

Know His Training Methods

Some trainers use systems where the dog is punished for bad behavior while others will train dogs through a system that rewards them for good behavior. For many dog owners, the latter scenario is a much happier one for both them and their pets.

Ask for References

As with any service provider, a dog trainer should be able to provide you with satisfied customers who you can contact to learn their experiences. Once you do get references, don’t be afraid to ask tough questions you may not be comfortable asking the trainer directly like if he was on time, reliable and trustworthy.

At the end of the day, dog training is all about the trainer establishing trust with the dog and using this as a way to modify his behavior. A big part of earning your dog’s trust is earning your trust. If you have a bad feeling about a trainer, don’t be afraid to find someone else. It’s best to work with a dog trainer who has invested his time to obtain a formal dog training education from a school like ABC. This shows that he is dedicated to his profession and will increase the likelihood of your satisfaction while working with him.

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