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Hot “Pit Bull Dog” News!


Miami-Dade News Story About Pit Bulls Is Getting A Lot Of Attention!

Pit Bull Ban Repeal

3 Responses to Hot “Pit Bull Dog” News!

  • So!!!! here it is all dogs start out the same when the are borne. It is how the dog is trained no matter the breed. I own a pit bull, and i have never owned and sweeter or loyal dog and i have had a few. the breed is not the problem but man is get the ones that trained the dog to be mean not the dog.

  • i am a very big pitbull fan. i have a pit bull and the dog before him was a pit bull!. they were the AMERICAN DOG!!!!!!!! pitbulls will do anythjng to make their owner happy. i say ban the evil people that teach and give these poor wonderful dogs such bad names!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think pit bull fighting is really mean and everything i am against this i love pit bulls and i think we should take control of this …

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