Fila Brasileiro Grooming


Grooming the Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

With the power of a Mastiff, the working ability of a Bloodhound and the tenacity of a Bulldog, the Fila Brasileiro is a breed that requires a dog owner as formidable as it is. This versatile breed can track, herd and control livestock as well as hold large game at bay with its immense power.

Filas are also often used as guard dogs due to their incredible loyalty to their family and suspicion of strangers. It’s highly recommended most grooming is done by the owner of the Fila or someone close to the dog because of the breed’s natural distrust of strangers. Luckily, the Fila Brasileiro is a smooth-coated breed, making grooming this dog a breeze.

How to Groom a Fila Brasileiro

Tend to the Ears

For in between bath grooming sessions, there are a couple of areas on Filas that require special attention. First and foremost, the ears of a Fila should be thoroughly cleaned. Those long, pendulous ears are wonderful to aid in tracking game, but are also known to trap moisture, dirt and debris inside. A damp environment with very little airflow makes a perfect breeding ground for a yeast or bacterial infection.

To properly clean the ears, choose a liquid ear cleaning solution approved for canine use. Place several drops into the dog’s ear canal. It’s very important you don’t place the nozzle into the dog’s ear, as this could cause painful and permanent damage to the ear. Next, massage the drops down into the canal by rubbing the base of your Fila’s ears until a squishing sound can be heard. Allow your dog to shake his head now. Take several cotton balls and remove excess wax and moisture on the outside of the ear. Once the ear is clean and dry, repeat the same process on the other side.

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Wrinkle Cleaning

The other big concern when grooming the Fila Brasiliero is his wrinkles. All prominent wrinkles need to be meticulously cleaned. Lack of care will cause these crevasses to produce a foul odor and can lead to skin problems.

To wash the wrinkles, first take a fresh washcloth and wipe the area. Apply a mild dog-safe shampoo to vicinity. Swab clean with a new washcloth, making sure no soap residue is left behind. With a clean towel, dry the area gently, but thoroughly. To ensure there is no moisture left behind for bacteria or fungus to grow, apply a small amount of talcum powder to the wrinkle.

Brush Down

Finally, it’s time to pull out the curry brush and give your Fila a good brush down. Move the curry in short quick strokes across the coat to draw out any loose hair or dirt. Do a quick brush over with a boar bristle brush to distribute oils throughout the coat, and your Fila’s maintenance grooming session is over. He should be looking good and ready to face any challenge!

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