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Kong Dog Toy

Kong Dog Toys
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The Kong Wobbler is a dog toy and dog training tool that can be used to entertain an energetic dog or simply alleviate the stress of dealing with a fast eater. It is a food dispenser that is bottom-heavy so your dog is able to access treats by repeatedly tipping it over.

Kong Wobbler Benefits

Slows Down Eating

Oftentimes, dogs become so enthusiastic about their breakfast, lunch or dinner that they inhale their food rather than chewing it. Since dogs don’t have the ability to reason like humans do, they don’t realize eating this way could be harmful or potentially dangerous to them. The Kong dog toy eliminates this problem. With the Kong Wobbler, your dog won’t be able to consume all of his food at once, and thus reducing any chance of him choking.

Keeps Your Dog Busy

Kong Wobblers also aid you with occupying a fussy, excitable dog by providing him with a puzzle that is both time-consuming and rewarding to finish. Playing with your dog is always the best recommended way to relieve excess energy, but not everyone has enough free time to spare each and every day for playtime, so this Kong toy allows you to keep your dog busy without making him feel neglected.

Entertains Your Dog

This dog toy is also great for entertaining your dog while you’re gone. You can leave the toy for him while you’re at the store or even at work. This will give him something to distract his attention while you’re away. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, only provide a Kong Wobbler when you’re around to supervise him. Make sure to also check with a professional dog trainer before leaving any toys unsupervised with your pet.

How Kong Wobblers Work

Simply unscrew the top of the Wobbler and fill it with a serving of dog food or treats. Keep in mind Wobblers won’t work well if you pack it full of kibble so leave a little extra space for it to roll around inside. Close it up and set it down in front of your dog. Be sure to give your dog adequate time to figure out his new toy. Some dogs understand it instantly, but not all of them do, so it’s important to let him discover how to use it on his own. After all, solving the puzzle is part of the fun!

What treats do you use to stuff your Kong Wobbler?

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