End of Summer Pet Tips


Helping your dog transition out of hot weather doesn’t have to be hard –especially with our top 10 summertime guides gathered here for you! Every dog trainer, pet groomer and veterinary assistant student will find value here.

We make it easy with our one-stop reference guide index. Check our list below and follow the links to catch up on whatever topics will most easily help your Furry Friend to be safe and comfortable:

  1. Hot Weather Tips
  2. Camping
  3. Swimming
  4. General Coat Trimming
  5. Grooming Double-Coated Dogs for Summer (NEW!)
  6. Heat-Induced Digging
  7. Vacation Care Options
  8. Wasp & Bee Stings
  9. Pets & Fireworks
  10. Noise Fear

Fall is right around the corner but summertime issues will stay with us for a while… everything from fear of thunderstorms to undesirable digging will continually need to be addressed over the coming weeks until fall’s color — and cooler temperatures — finally arrive. If there’s a topic you’d like to see addressed for autumn-related pet issues, please make note of it in the comments section below!


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