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Dog Training Success Story Winner (2 of 2)

Congratulations to Sally Eccleston, co-winner of ABC’s Dog Training Video Success Story contest!

Due to health issues, Sally was unable to continue her 35-year painting career. A life-long dog lover, she decided to change to a career where she could work with and maybe even help dogs, especially those with behavioral problems and shelter animals. After considering a variety of job options including opening her own dog walking business, Sally still felt there was a hole in her plan. Then, one night after seeing an Animal Behavior College commercial on TV, she realized that what was missing was knowledge.

She quickly enrolled in ABC’s Dog Obedience Instructor Program. Immediately, she was able to regularly apply what she was learning while taking her sister’s dog Josie for walks. Sally plans to combine the experience from her school efforts with her externship hours and the volunteer hours she’s worked at her local animal shelter (also part of her ABC program) to focus on shelter dogs, while specializing in “doggy problems”.

Sally has learned, because of her ABC education, that “knowledge is power; knowledge is leadership.”

(Sally was a “co-winner” to our contest. CLICK HERE to see the other amazing co-winner’s story (Shaunee) on how she rehabilitated a puppy while still half way through the Dog Training Obedience Instructor Program.)

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