Dog Training Success Story Winner (1 of 2)


ABC’s Success Story Contest Co-Winner

Congratulations Shaunee!

At Animal Behavior College, we hear a lot of success stories from our enrolled students and graduates. The wonderful testimonies are always a treat for us to hear and are great reminders to all of us here at ABC that the lives of people and animals are bettered because of our programs.

Our most recent contest asked ABC students (past and present) to submit video testimonies of their success stories. We had two winners who won the contest. These contest winners had success stories that really stood out among all the great submissions we received. Our first video is from Shaunee who tells a heartwarming story of how she used what she was currently learning in the Dog Obedience Instructor Program to rehabilitate a little dog named Sadie.

Watch as Shaunee does a fantastic job documenting the incredible transformation Sadie goes through with Shaunee and her new family.

Congratulations Shaunee!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us. We wish you the best and are proud of what you’ve already accomplished in such a short time. Keep up the great work!

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