Teach Your Dog to Speak


How to Teach a Dog to Speak

How to Train Your Dog to Speak

Even if your dog is never able to say “I love you” as successfully as Mishka and Laika do in the video below, you can train your dog to speak on command. Training your dog to speak isn’t as difficult as it sounds. All you’ll need are patience and a few treats.

Get your dog’s attention

There’s no easier way to get your dog’s attention than by playing with him. Exercise him or play a game of tug so he quickly responds to your commands.

Show him a treat

Once you have your dog all energized, show him you have a treat in your hand. Close your hand and place it behind your back. The goal is to have your dog bark when he sees the treat. Reward your dog with a praise and treat as soon as he barks.

If your dog whimpers, but doesn’t bark, try waving your hand with the treat in front of him.

Repeat until he speaks

The second time you do this, say “speak.” Each time you say the cue, keep your voice in the same tone and volume level. Repeat this process until your dog speaks on command.

VIDEO: Husky Dogs Talking

For more dog obedience exercises, consult with an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT).

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