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How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Professional dog trainers are asked many questions, but the two most common ones about jumping are: “How can I keep my dog from jumping on me or others?” and “How can I make my dog jump over something?”

While it may seem counter-intuitive, training your dog to jump over objects can help prevent jumping behavior. Setting time aside for your dog to jump teaches your dog to only jump on cue and over an object. You’ll need a six-foot training leash, pole and delicious training treats.

Set up the jump

Jumps can be made with a pole, standing stick or even a broom. The height of the jump is established by measuring the height between your dog’s front paw and shoulder and dividing that number by two.

Step over with your legs

Once the jump is set up and your dog is on a leash, approach the jump and step over it. The idea is to have your dog follow your lead. Treat your dog after he jumps over the object. If he refuses, consider using a better treat or lowering the jump.

Add a cue

When your dog is comfortable jumping over the object, it’s time to add a cue word, such as “jump” or “over.” Always praise and treat your dog after a successful leap.

For more information on how to teach your dog not to jump, check out this article.

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