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Grooming Kit for Dogs

Professional Dog Grooming KitEvery occupation has its own professional tools of the trade. An artist could not create without his paintbrush. Such is the case for a dog groomer. A complete grooming kit contains a variety of brushes, clippers, combs and accessories for the proper grooming of dogs and cats. Often, you can purchase a professional dog grooming kit already assembled, but you can also compile your own.

When assembling your own dog grooming kit, first consider what your grooming purpose will be. Are you going to be grooming for pet owners or for dog shows? What breeds will you be grooming? This is important to keep in mind since some breeds require special grooming tools.

A standard dog grooming kit will include:

• Clipper with clipper combs
• Several sets of blades
• Several types of shears
• Several different types and sizes of slicker brushes
• Several different sizes and types of combs
• Stripping and carding tools
• Several sets of shears
• Hemostat
• Several sizes of nail clippers
• A curry brush
• A shedding blade

Some groomers include additional tools, such as doggy toothbrushes and toothpastes, in their kits. Don’t forget to purchase a large storage box with a handle for easy storage and transportation of your grooming supplies.

Happy grooming!

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