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Grooming Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers

Despite being a smooth-coated dog, Doberman Pinschers who compete in conformation go through regular clipping and trimming. Although the grooming procedures are nowhere near as extensive as those for long-coated breeds, these small steps will make a big difference in your Doberman’s look. Even if your Dobie does not compete in conformation, try some of these steps to see the effects a little grooming can have.

How to Groom a Doberman Pinscher


Although it’s not required, almost all Dobermans shown in the United States have cropped ears. Many handlers will clean up the hair on the inside of the ear flap and along the outline to create a much crisper look. It’s a fairly easy and quick cleanup, and makes a dramatic difference in the look of your dog’s face.

To do this, simply take your clippers and a #40 blade and clip the inside of the ear flap completely clean. As you move down along the dog’s ear, use caution so as not to accidentally nick it. Once all the hair on the inside of the ear is removed, take a pair of blunt-tipped scissors and trim along the edge of the ears, removing any stray hairs that might be sticking out.

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If your Doberman has a docked tail, clipping the underside and the area where the docking took place will help create a much neater look. With your clippers and a #10 blade, clip the underside of the tail from the base to the point of docking. Then, take your shears and trim any hairs that are sticking out in an unruly fashion at the docking point. Be careful not to take off so much as to expose the scar tissue underneath.


When dealing with the flank, you must be extremely careful when trimming, as it’s a place where dogs are prone to being nicked. Only perform this if you’re confident in your scissoring ability and your Dobie’s ability to stay still during the trimming. That being said, neatening this area will help accentuate the outline of the dog. Take your shears and trim along the flank creating a nice, crisp curve.


Although the whiskers on a dog’s face do have an important function and purpose, clipping them creates a significantly cleaner appearance, which is why many show dogs are missing them. If you do choose to cut your dog’s whiskers, you can either use clippers or shears to complete the task.

If using shears, simply trim away the whiskers one by one. If using clippers, don’t run the blade over the dog’s face. This removes all the hair and creates the clean face people often see on a poodle. Instead, keep the blade raised slightly above skin level and move it along the sides of the muzzle. Don’t forget the whiskers on the lips, cheeks, eyebrows and underneath the bottom jaw.

Whether your Doberman is getting ready for the ring or a nap on the couch, these dog grooming tips will help show off the stunning beauty characteristic of the breed.

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