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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Now is the time to help ALL pets through the unusually cold weather that’s sweeping the country. Temps are hitting record lows over the next few days. Preparing your pet NOW will help! Current temperatures are cold, cold, cold — below freezing in many places, and even dropping to below zero levels in the hardest-hit areas of the upper Midwest and New England.

Below, we’ve listed our best guides for preparing and helping your pet through harsh weather. Above all else, though, remember common sense: if it’s too cold for you to be outdoors, it’s probably too cold for your Furry Friend to be there, too. Be alert… read the tips below to help your pets, your neighbors’ pets and ANY pets in your area through the cold!

How do you help your pooch through cold weather? Tell us your best tips and stories below in the comments section. Spring is less than two months away… warmth is coming!

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