Cat Hairballs: Cough It Up

Preventing hairballs—or their aftermath—helps keep cats healthy (and floors clean). This April 25 marks the ninth year cat lovers will celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day. It is interesting to note that felines aren’t the only hairball expellers; rabbits do, too. So do cud-chewing animals such as cows, oxen, sheep, goats, llamas, deer and antelopes. And—wait for … [Read more...]

Pet Identity Crisis


Make sure your pets have proper ID at all times because you never know when they’ll need it most. By Lisa King Having a dog or cat go missing is a very traumatic event. Not knowing whether they’ve been hit by a car, been pet-napped or have simply wandered off is nerve-wracking. Providing your pet with effective identification is the best way to ensure that if the … [Read more...]

Doggy Daycare – Keeping Fido Entertained While You’re Away


By Stacy Mantle Doggy Daycare - Pros & Cons There are many advantages to putting your dog in daycare during the long work week. If you live a busy life (and who doesn’t), you probably don’t get as many chances to let your dog socialize with other animals or engage with other humans. Socialization is an important part of your pet’s development and doggy daycare can help … [Read more...]

Cat Bath – How To Bathe a Cat


The general perception is that cats hate water, but in fact, they are natural swimmers. Certain breeds such as Abyssinians and Turkish Vans might even willingly join you in the shower. This misconception probably persists because the average domestic feline isn’t usually exposed to water on a regular basis. For an adult cat who has never been bathed to suddenly find herself in … [Read more...]