Basic Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Help ensure a long, healthy life with appropriate diets. Good nutrition is important to keep the human body healthy, and the same goes for dogs. Without a good diet, your dog is prone to a number of health issues, some of which can be serious. You know you need to give your dog a quality food, but how do you choose from the many brands and types available at pet supply … [Read more...]

Scratch That

Cat Scratcher

How to select the best scratchers for your cat(s). It’s really important to understand that scratching is a completely normal feline behavior. You can’t stop cats from doing it; it’s instinctive. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons: to sharpen their claws, to mark their territory, to reduce stress and to exercise. Scratching also helps strip off old claw sheaths to … [Read more...]

Food, Not Fingers

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How to train your dog to take treats gently. From wolf hybrids to bully breeds, I’ve always had big dogs. Since I only use reward-based training, it’s very important that the first thing they learn to do is take treats gently from me. Dogs who are highly treat-motivated can be difficult to reward without losing a finger. Large dogs, and puppies especially, often don’t … [Read more...]

Terrific Products for Dogs & Cats

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Weruva’s Cats in the Kitchen line of canned cat food was inspired by cat owners’ tendency to feed their cats in the kitchen. The carnivore-pleasing, grain-free formulas features all-natural, high-quality ingredients, such as boneless, skinless white chicken breast meat, tuna, mackerel and salmon loins, lean cuts of beef, lamb and turkey, as well as fish oil and the occasional … [Read more...]

Deciphering Pet Food Labels

Pet Food

How you can sort the meaningful claims from the meaningless descriptors. Understanding the label of a pet food is very important, as it is a legally binding contract between you and the pet food manufacturer. Even nutritionists have problems decoding pet food labels. There are thousands of things to consider, from maximums and minimums of fiber content to ingredient … [Read more...]