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Is Your Dog a Righty or a Lefty?


We all have a dominant and lesser-dominant hand. Science, in exploring brain activity, architecture and operation, is finding that this could be true for our pets as well. Continue reading

New Dogs, New Cats: Same Home


A dog and cat sitting next to each other on the grass

Bringing a new dog home for the first time takes patience and understanding. Introducing a new dog and hoping he gets along with the resident pet requires preparation. Continue reading

Five Tips for Fall Pet Preparedness


Seasons change and so should the way you prepare your dog to meet the world! We’ve assembled our best tips for reintroducing your Furry Friend to cool weather (plus one for fun in the leaves and cool air) that you can put to immediate use. Continue reading

Winning Dog Act Shows What’s Possible!


If you’re a fan of variety acts like we are, then you LOVED last week’s winner on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” The Olate Dogs are a troup of Furry Friends who do completely amazing stunts in a seemingly effortless way. By way of background, click here for the act’s website, Click here for background information on the act from the Hollywood Reporter, and click here for more background in the LA Times. Then, watch the video… but be sure you brace yourself in advance for one of the most amazing examples of canine artistry (with some help from their loving trainers) you’ll ever see!

With an act like this, it’s only appropriate that part of their prize package includes a headliner stretch in a showroom in Las Vegas — home to the best variety acts in the world. What’s the best trick your dog can do? Please post it in the comments section below!

End of Summer Pet Tips


Helping your dog transition out of hot weather doesn’t have to be hard –especially with our top 10 summertime guides gathered here for you! Every dog trainer, pet groomer and veterinary assistant student will find value here.

Continue reading

“Breed Spotlight” Extra – American Staffordshire Terrier


Astonishing Video: Extreme Agility Training!

Some videos must be watched more than once!

With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, TreT (the American Straffordshire Terrier shown) is trained in parkour and has become a worldwide canine celebrity. This video compels you to watch over and over in wonder.

By way of background, the American Straffordshire Terrier is sometimes referred to as the “cousin” of the American Pit Bull. These dogs can be great pets when properly socialized. Eager to please and especially responsive to those who understand their innate need for a strong pack leader, the  Straffordshire requires time, exercise and discipline for best results. Possessing those traits, however, may allow dedicated Staffy owners to glean some of the remarkable results seen in this video!

If you have an active lifestyle and understand the needs of these dogs, they make loyal and loving  family pets.

Dog Running Craze(d): Info and Video


Does your dog get all the benefits of a good run? Even in the summer, you can regularly run and exercise with your pet. It’s good for you, it’s good for him (or her) and it reminds everyone of the fact that a tired dog is a happy dog. Evenings and mornings present the best opportunities during these overheated days of late summer.

If you like to exercise with your dog along for company, click here to read our tips to get the most out of your time together. Dog parks provide a huge variety of opportunities for dogs — good and bad. Click here and click here for two different articles on how to make intelligent use of dog parks. Finally, if your dog is on the heavy side, click here to better understand the special consideration they may need.

Running is a great opportunity for bonding, releasing energy and doggy fun. With a little knowledge and a well-chosen opportunity, it could become as fun for your dog as it is for the Boxer in the video below!



Videos of dogs chasing Frisbees is always a winning combination… but underwater? Yep. Click and watch the talented (and daring) Wonder Dog for yourself. And with so much of summer still left, click here to refresh yourself on good water safety policies that all dog trainers should know, and click here for pet groomer tips on different types of pet shampoos to get the chlorine out afterward!

Does your dog have a special water-related trick? Post it in our comments section below!


LIve Puppy Cam!


This is possibly the most adorable — and purposeful — litter of puppies on the Internet! These six beautiful Golden Retriever pups are getting the training and grooming necessary to help recently returned members of the military transition back into home life. Good work. Serious work. And work deserving of attention and gratitude. Explore their webpage at!/live-cams/player/service-puppy-cam and please share their story!