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Ten Big Chunks o’ Pet Travel Advice!


People are traveling far and wide this time of year with trips ranging from supply runs to the market (more cranberry sauce!) to cross-country plane, train and/or automobile adventures. Like to bring your Furry Friend along? You can with just a little planning… and everyone will be better off for it! Continue reading

5 Basic Halloween Pet Tip Sources


Information is power… and in this case, it’s also comfort, safety and calm. Help your Furry Friend through the big celebration on October 31st by checking out this listing of our consolidated Halloween tips.  Continue reading

Halloween Decor a la Canine


Halloween decorations are everywhere. Pumpkins, spider webs and decorations of all sorts are popping up all over the neighborhood… need some ideas that include your pooch?

Continue reading

Tips For Dogs In The Wilderness


While taking a hike last weekend in a park that borders a major wilderness area just north of Los Angeles, we saw this sign on the right posted prominently on the main message board at the trailhead. It got us thinking about a few things. First, the local rangers were being incredibly thoughtful  in assembling tips to help dogs and their masters in the area. Second, was anything missing from this list that mattered?

This sign is specific to the Southern California area. Do you have a tip, idea or piece of advice that would help hikers, campers and others who strike out for adventure with their Furry Friend at their side? We’ve listed some of our best tips and guides below. What would you add? And the more specific to your terrain the better — desert, plains, heat, snow, bugs, weird wildlife, consider all of it.  All ideas are useful when it comes to keeping our pets safe, comfortable and happy!

Finally, after you’ve read all our tips, come back and watch this dog navigate a big pile of leaves the **proper** way!

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