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Why Training a Cat Differs from Dog Training

Can Cats be Trained?

Can you train a Cat? Cat Training versus Dog Training and what to know if you want to train a cat

Can Cats be Trained? Why training a cat slightly differs from dog training. Written by Steven Appelbaum – guest blog post on waycoolcats.com






They sure can. Anyone who owns a cat knows that they are intelligent, inquisitive beings.

Most people associate obedience training with terms that include stay, heel, come, down etc. However, obedience training is only one type of training.

While that might seem obvious to some, it is at the core of every successful training program. Cats might find different things rewarding to them than dogs but that doesn’t mean they can’t be rewarded and can’t learn. Instead of a scratch behind the ear or tossing a stick, both of which will send the typical Golden Retriever into bliss yet earn you a blank stare or contempt with many cats, try a catnip toy or a delectable treat.

What to Know About Cat Training

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Taking the time to train a cat involves a future of companionship, friendship, excellent behavior and many long happy years together.

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Cat Training Tips by Dog Training expert Steven Appelbaum

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Cat Info Cat-stravaganza!

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Steve Appelbaum, the president of Animal Behavior College, was recently interviewed by ABC graduate Nan Talleno on her podcast, “Teacher’s Pet” on Pet Life Radio. The topic of the interview centered around the trainability of cats. Feline behavior issues often result from owners simply not understanding what their cats are trying to tell them. Effective training not only helps lower the incidents of cats being abandoned to shelters in the first place, it also greatly reduces the statistics of them being returned due to “failed” adoptions. Steve discusses why cats are the way they are and how humans can work within the feline psychological structure  to accomplish amazing things.

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To promote the cause of cats everywhere, we at ABC have created a “Cat Management & Training” Continuing Education Program.  The goal of this course is to provide students the background,  context and tools necessary to motivate and ultimately train cats (yes, they are trainable!), as well as to provide a forum where cats can be introduced to more appropriate and positive behaviors.

We’re proud that our vet assisting and grooming students are all about cats. Our dog training grads looking to expand their professional repertoires are all about cats. And ABC’s staff and management are all about cats! Know that Animal Behavior College can keep you current on cat care, health and “management” for the duration of your professional education. Our school supports all beings of the feline persuasion!

Steven Appelbaum Featured on 77WABC Radio With Laura Smith

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Animal Behavior College president, Steven Appelbaum, was a guest on New York’s prestigious 77WABC Radio show, “Living Better with Laura Smith”.  Steven talked with Laura about ABC’s certified dog training, pet grooming and veterinary courses and the MyCAA program sponsored by the Department of Defense which offers free tuition to military spouses who qualify.   Yes, cats can be trained and Steve discussed the Cat Management & Training continuing education program along with ABC’s Pet Nutrition and Diet, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, and Training Shelter Dogs courses.

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If Only People Could Do What Cats CAN Do!

Natural Feline Athletes

The greatest human athletes from all over the world are now competing in London. They are so exciting to watch! Can you imagine if they had the ability to do what some of these amazing cats can do?

Having the ability to professionally work with cats can put you into an extremely exclusive niche in your community of local trainers. We have a continuing eduction program that focuses exclusively on cats. Click here for more information about our “Cat Training and Management” program!

I am just not sure if the swimming or diving events would be very popular. :)