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With the right training and knowledge, animal professionals can do amazing and practical things with cats. Click here for tips on giving your cat a bath without getting shredded. After a bath, your Furry Friend will need grooming attention so click here for tips on brushing your cat safely and effectively. Finally, to keep everyone involved happy, comfortable and healthy, check out our tips on keeping nature’s ongoing flea circus out of your home.

Steve Appelbaum, the president of Animal Behavior College, was recently interviewed by ABC graduate Nan Talleno on her podcast, “Teacher’s Pet” on Pet Life Radio. The topic of the interview centered around the trainability of cats. Feline behavior issues often result from owners simply not understanding what their cats are trying to tell them. Effective training not only helps lower the incidents of cats being abandoned to shelters in the first place, it also greatly reduces the statistics of them being returned due to “failed” adoptions. Steve discusses why cats are the way they are and how humans can work within the feline psychological structure  to accomplish amazing things.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast

To promote the cause of cats everywhere, we at ABC have created a “Cat Management & Training” Continuing Education Program.  The goal of this course is to provide students the background,  context and tools necessary to motivate and ultimately train cats (yes, they are trainable!), as well as to provide a forum where cats can be introduced to more appropriate and positive behaviors.

We’re proud that our vet assisting and grooming students are all about cats. Our dog training grads looking to expand their professional repertoires are all about cats. And ABC’s staff and management are all about cats! Know that Animal Behavior College can keep you current on cat care, health and “management” for the duration of your professional education. Our school supports all beings of the feline persuasion!

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