Benefits of Owning a Dog


Dog Ownership

Benefits of Owning a Dog

There are multiple reasons people want to own a dog. Animal Behavior College, an expert in teaching others how to become a dog trainer, prides itself in providing general information on pet care and ownership. They know some folks want a dog for security reasons. For others, it may have been a life-long dream that they are now ready to act on. Sometimes, it’s children that spur the impulse.  Whatever the reason, ABC offers useful tips to consider when it comes to dog ownership.

Dogs can offer added security

Those with animal careers know it is common for people to buy a dog for security purposes whether it’s a family of many or one. Dogs offer a source of protection. It has been statistically shown burglars are less likely to enter a home with a barking dog. It is helpful to note that keeping a dog chained or confined outside reduces the effectiveness of the bark factor. If security is your motivation for dog ownership, you’ll want to know the best way to house your dog for this effect. When confined dogs can’t differentiate between real or imagined threats, and incessantly bark, it is common for owners to dismiss the barking that can occur. An inside dog will provide greater security value in this regard (or if a dog has freedom outside). Keeping a dog close provides maximum benefits for you or your family.

Owning dogs can teach children responsibility

While an important reason, security is not the only benefit for having a family dog. Teaching children responsibility also has tremendous value. Learning general issues in life, such as illness, pet healthcare and even death—stages also common to humans—can be very beneficial for children as a natural teaching tool.

Dogs are great companions

Still, companionship is likely the single most common reason (along with security) people want a family dog. Research conducted by the Delta Society, a non-profit group that promotes healthy human-animal bonding, posts that there are significant health and well-being benefits that optimize happiness in people who own dogs. Dogs bring joy, affection and unconditional support for their pack—your family—and have the capacity to increase the quality of life for you and your family.

Dog ownership can trigger animal careers

Finally, growing up in a household with a family dog can trigger an interest in animal careers. ABC has educated numerous students from family dog childhoods who have developed wonderful relationships through their experiences.

Whether the experience one gains in childhood prepares individuals for a future animal care career or simply provides the pleasure of dog companionship, the benefits of owning a dog can be a life-enhancing experience.

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