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Bad Dog Habits: Curing “Faux Paws”

The holidays are done and now you find yourself with a new dog. How is your new Furry Friend fitting in as a member of your family? We all have our “weirdnesses” when it comes to behaviors that don’t quite… pass… social… standards. Dogs, too. Below are some of our best tips on curing the most common “bad” dog behaviors. And remember, “bad” is a relative term. Dogs don’t mean to be frustrating or rude. They’re just being dogs. Until they understand the expectations of the household, they can’t change for the better. That’s where your leadership comes in to help!

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And as a final note, click below to understand what your dog sees when he is scolded. Ahh… there are better ways!

Did you get a new pet over the holidays? Were they a gift or a planned adoption (we hope the latter)? If you had specific behavioral issues with your new holiday pet, please post them below in the “comments” section. Maybe our Pack can supply suggestions or tips on how you can help your pooch so that next holiday season they are a well-behaved good citizen in your home!

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