7 Tips for Dog Behavior Problems

Dog Behavior

Dog Behavioral Training Dogs are just like people -- mostly well-adjusted and a little neurotic, and sometimes equal amounts all at once! Accepting this fundamental conflict is part of being a dog owner. If your dog has his less-than-perfect moments that cause you a smile or a sigh, don't worry. All dogs do. However, if your dog demonstrates more serious behaviors that cause … [Read more...]

March Dog Obedience Program Canadian Student Of The Month – 2013


ABC Dog Obedience Instruction Program Canadian Student of the Month– March 2013 Cindy VanFrankfoort Cindy VanFrankfoort, of Peterborough, Ontario Canada, has worked in the veterinary field for 23 years as an office manager, and is involved in competitive Flyball. She also assists with puppy classes and volunteers at the local humane society. Cindy enjoyed teaching beginner … [Read more...]