Dogs Offer Us Daily Lessons on Life

Benefits of Having a Dog

Dogs Keep Teaching Us By Ava Olsen From puppy to senior, canines offer life lessons daily. What is cuter than a puppy, cute enough to melt your heart with a single look and make all the work and effort worthwhile. When you get a puppy you sign on for a hurricane of joy and enthusiasm. Constant activity followed by crashes into deep, deep sleep and then reawakening … [Read more...]

Great Products for Dogs and Cats

Pet Products

Nifty New Pet Products Muttluks Mud Monsters and Snow Mushers boots are made for walking, hiking, rugged terrain, snow, ice and extreme heat or cold. Made with 100 percent recycled rubber, the unique flexible soles with traction treads incorporate “barefoot” technology that makes the boots “pawsitively” comfortable for dog paws. Mud Monsters are a rugged summer boot with a … [Read more...]

Exciting New Products for Dogs and Cats

Pet Products

Fun, Practical and Just Plain Cool Pet Products The Loving Bowl, with its over-sized feeding area, provides an always- exposed slope or ridge that pets will quickly learn to use. Flat-faced breeds will no longer have to chase their food around a dish, but will instinctively use the sides of the bowl to help them grasp morsels of food. It makes a great water bowl, too; the … [Read more...]

Must-Have Pet Products

Pet Products

Accessories for Your Dog(s) and Cat(s)   Help ensure your pet maintains good posture while eating with the New Age Pet Habitat ‘n Home HiLo Diner. It elevates two stainless-steel bowls several inches off the floor so dogs (and cats) don’t have to arch their necks as much. It’s made from ecoFLEX, a patented blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, which offers a … [Read more...]

6 Indoor Poisonous Plants to Avoid for Dogs and Cats

Poisonous Plants for Dogs

Keep Your Pet's Safe From Poisonous Plants Many homes have a variety of indoor plants. Not only are they beautiful, but they also increase oxygen levels, decrease dry skin and remove toxins from the air. During the holidays and other occasions, plants like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are festive and add a splash to holiday decor. But did you know that these indoor … [Read more...]