August – Veterinary Assistant Program Student Of The Month – 2013


ABC Veterinary Assistant Program Student of the Month– August 2013

Georgianna Traney

Georgiana Traney - August Student of the Month

Georgianna Traney lives in Langhorne, Pa., and is the proud “mom” of a 12-year-old short-haired domestic kitty named Simba. She completed her externship at Flowers Mill Veterinary Hospital, which is also in Langhorne. During her spare time, Georgianna loves to volunteer at her local non-kill shelter, where she helps cats and dogs find a forever homes. She is currently pursuing a full-time career since completing her ABC certification. Georgianna is seriously considering continuing her education to become a veterinary technician.

  • Was veterinary assisting your first choice for a career?

Yes, but I steered toward the graphics arts industry as a young woman and spent many years in that field, despite my love for and desire to work with animals. This career change even at this point in my life, is a reflection of the real passion I feel. Following ones passion is great  and I am very excited to say, ‘better late than never.’

  • What animal or person most inspired you to pursue a career in the animal industry?

Since I can remember, I have always had a natural love and magnetism toward animals; as I imagine everyone in this field does. However, I was fortunate enough to have my own horse as a teenager, and fondly remember reading James Herriot’s books at that time, as well. Both of those experiences reinforced my certainty to someday make animal care my vocation.

  • What was the biggest challenge you faced during your externship and how did you overcome it?

The education received while studying the textbooks takes a giant leap when you enter the world of hands-on medical care for patients. The challenge remains to apply what you have learned, and put into practice. ‘Observe, listen, learn’ became my mantra during the externship and each day became easier.

  • What has been your most rewarding moment as a vet assistant?

Reaching the confidence level of my peers where I was allowed to help with the more advanced care, like administering meds or observing surgery, would be considered the milestones in my book.

  • If you could work with any exotic animal, what would it be and why?

If I could work with any exotic animal it would be any of the big cats. I’ve always been fascinated by them. However, I’d do so only in a conservation and protection capacity. I do not condone any facility that houses wild animals for any purpose other than protecting an endangered species and things related to that.

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