Animal Behavior College Success: Angie Ade


Staying strong when life throws you gigantic curves can be a tall order. This is what makes the story of ABC Certified Dog Trainer Angie Ade truly unique: sleeping in her van and with the help of friends in her community who allowed her free use of office space,  she stayed with her ABC program and ultimately weathered the turmoil. In the end, she not only completed her ABC certification but established a thriving dog training business ( within the community of Venice Beach, CA.

Watch this video and learn what human spirit can do. There’s plenty of inspiration here for the taking. Whether you’re in Animal Behavior College’s  dog training, pet grooming or veterinary assisting program,  we hope you find the strength and dedication of Angie Ade within you!

Do you have a story of overcoming adversity in the name of earning your Animal Behavior College certification? Please post your story in the comments section below and add to the inspiration of ABC students  in the future!


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    ABC is the greatest! Ive met a couple of students as well, who absolutely fit ABC … ABC DOESN’T GIVE UP ON YOU ! When times are tough they understand and want you to succeed not fail…. Just like dog training set them up to succeed… Great company and couldn’t be happier with the choice I made … ABC ROCKS ! Thx everyone for sticking with me:) Peace love Angie “Doggies” Ade “Keep it Pushing”!

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