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One of the most frequently asked questions about Animal Behavior College (ABC) Dog Training School is whether the program offers students possible job placement opportunities. After all, changing careers in this economy can be a scary step and students need reassurance that ABC will open the right doors to a long-lasting successful career.

Comprehensive Program

Benefits of an ABC Dog Trainer Certification

Animal Behavior College’s school for dog trainers is proud to offer a comprehensive program that includes a shelter practicum and externship opportunity as well as job placement opportunities for graduates. Before graduation, students will get the chance to volunteer at an animal-related organization of their choice, such as a local animal shelter, humane society or rescue organization. During this time, students will get to see up-close how professionals train dogs and perform other important techniques. The exciting externship opportunity also provides a way for students to create and maintain relationships with their favorite organizations, often leading to job opportunities in the near future.

Approved Mentor Trainer

In addition to the shelter practicum, students receive the opportunity to work with an Animal Behavior College mentor dog trainer. During this stage of the program, students will apply the training techniques they have learned while mentors offer constructive criticism and guidance along the way.

Advantage in the Job Market

Along with our shelter practicum and externship program, students at ABC receive an extra benefit simply by choosing our program over any other dog training school in the nation. Due to the past relationship that ABC’s sister company, ABTA, had with Petco Animal Supplies, ABC graduates have an advantage over other dog trainers competing for an animal career position at Petco. As a result of the Animal Behavior College dog training certification program, hundreds of ABC Certified Dog Trainers have been employed by Petco and taught classes in over 600 stores in the U.S.

Entrepreneurship Possibility for Unlimited Income

However, job placement opportunities for ABC dog trainer graduates are not limited to Petco. Graduates of Animal Behavior College have attained exciting careers as trainers and instructors in various organizations, and many others have started their own businesses. For more information about our dog training program, please contact ABC at (800) 795-3294 today.


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      Hello Anna, Each program varies in price and loan options also vary based on how much the down payment is, and what the credit score of the applicant is as well. Please feel free to contact our Admissions Office at (888) 200-6795. They will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about each of the three certification programs that we offer. Let them know that you were referred by our Blog.
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