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Animal Behavior College: An Overview

Steve Appelbaum and Bella Shaw shake hands prior to their conversation about Animal Behavior College.

Steve Appelbaum and Bella Shaw shake hands prior to their conversation about Animal Behavior College.

Recently, ABC’s president and founder, Steve Appelbaum, sat down with Bella Shaw to discuss Animal Behavior College. In a fast, efficient five minutes, he lays out:

Watch it below and if, in seeing it, you have additional questions for Steve, feel free to post them in the comments section below. We’ll get answers back to you ASAP!

3 Responses to Animal Behavior College: An Overview

  • Hi. I live in India and i want to become a dog trainer but does the college provide a hostel for students who come from other countries ?

    • Hi Sonia,
      I’m sorry, we do not have any type of housing assistance programs currently in place.

      • While I agree that the e-Collar is dangerous in the wrong hands they can be a great tool if used prrepoly. The issue is that most people don’t read the instructions, don’t learn from someone that knows how to use them or just thinks it is a great toy. But I digress.Put the collar on early but don’t turn it on. This gets the pup used to the feel of the collar. Use a command lead or piggin string, short lead with a choke collar or a pinch collar to get the pup started on the basics. I am not going to endorse any one particular approach but I put them in the order I prefer. Once the pup knows the proper behaviour you can use the eCollar at very low settings. I have not used the tone mode but I am seriously considering that with the next pup.If you haven’t trained a dog or two with a check cord, don’t start with an eCollar and go to a class. There are some great DVDs out there but I think that a live seminar is a good way to start. I have trained under about 4 professionals and they are all different but they are also very much the same.

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