ABC’s Top 10 Pet Nutrition Holiday Tips


Holidays bring special meals, unusual ingredients and guests who might not know the house rules about what can be fed to your pets. A little advanced education can go a long way for everyone involved. Thus, we’ve assembled our best ideas about dietary safety, nutrition and weight control to prepare you for the approaching seasonal gastrointestinal madness!

Remember that, in exciting, stimulating and unusual times, your pets will simply be curious and may take an opportunity to snack if one is presented. Your guests should be informed with a smile about your wishes for safe and sane pet nutrition and reminded as necessary. Everyone will be happier for it!

Check back often as we’ll add more tips to this list throughout the holiday season.

ABC’s Top 10 Pet Nutrition Holiday Tips:

  1. Holiday Food Considerations
  2. Overweight Pets pt. I
  3. Overweight Pets pt. II
  4. Overweight Pets pt. III
  5. Begging For Food
  6. No Begging: How To Keep Your Pooch From Pawing At Your Plate
  7. Just Say “No!” To Table Scraps
  8. Harmful Foods in the Home
  9. Poison Awareness
  10. Brushing Fido’s Teeth

And please don’t forget good ol’ water… fresh and regular!


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