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ABC Promotes Exercise As Best Medicine For Dogs & People

Exercise As Best Medicine For Dogs & People

Exercise as Medicine for Dogs and People

A professional school for dog trainers, such as Animal Behavior College, will be the first to tell you how important exercising your dog is, with at least 30 minutes recommended per day.  Even with factors of age, breed, and current health issues, you’ll want to preserve and invigorate them with exercise levels appropriate to their needs.  Many pet owners also enjoy physical activity and exercising together can save time, build greater companionship, and increase a healthy lifestyle for both of you.

Exercising together also has the added benefits of incorporating training practice, socialization (especially in puppies and younger dogs), focusing, while preserving overall health.  Naturally, there are some elements a pet owner will want to consider when exercising.  Keeping the dog hydrated with plenty of water is one such element.  Another is checking out the surfaces the two of you will be playing on.  If you frequently play, work out, or run on concrete, check your dog’s pads to ensure there is no breakdown in them.As a pet owner, another important thing to consider about surfaces; mixing them up is best.  Joints and bones are happier and healthier when you incorporate an intermittent combination of concrete, grass, sand, rough and soft surfaces.  Individuals in animal jobs (or from a reputable school for dog trainers) can provide additional information on this topic. Of course, Animal Behavior College will also be happy to assist in this process.

Even with a shared exercise regimen, as a responsible dog owner you will not want to replace training with exercise.  Nor will you want to neglect the leash.  In fact, ensuring your puppy continues to obey all cues can be a fun way to incorporate training with exercise, fusing the two robust activities from which you’ll both gain.

Some common types of exercising you can do together are listed below:

  • Walking or running
  • Hiking
  • Rollerblading
  • Mountain biking
  • Interactive fetch
  • Hide-and-Seek
  • Swimming
  • Dog Park Trips

If you have not included a particular type of activity on an ongoing basis, you’ll want to start slowly with shorter distances and less time.  Once you are both comfortable, you can gradually increase both you and your dog’s endurance.  Exercising together is one of the most rewarding companionship activities you can share with your dog.

So let the games begin and enjoy each other’s company.

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