Becoming a Dog Trainer Lets You Be Your Own Boss

If you love dogs and are the type of person who loves being your own boss and setting your own agenda, becoming a dog trainer might be the perfect career choice for you. Just like dogs are independent creatures, so are some people. Becoming a dog trainer is the perfect way to maintain your independence while teaching dogs how to behave and become better companions for their owners.

At Animal Behavior College, we understand that some people are passionate about dog training but are equally as passionate about working for themselves. That's why we're created the Business Building module as part of our coursework. These classes will go beyond teaching you how to train dogs and show you how to build your own career as a dog trainer. It's surprisingly easy to start your own dog training business: there are relatively little start-up costs and you can do it from your own home. These courses will give you the framework and confidence to get started on your career as an independent trainer.

The Business Building section of the program is also great if you are already a solo dog trainer who is interested in expanding your animal career and turning your successful private business into a larger company. The coursework was written by Steven Applebaum, President of Animal Behavior College. He has first-hand experience in the matter: Steve took his own dog training company from homemade fliers on supermarket bulletin boards to the largest dog training company in North America.

A career as an animal trainer gives you the potential for unlimited income -- if you know how to market yourself and your services. ABC is ready to help you learn more about the business side of animal training and prepare you to "be your own master" and take control of your career. We can also provide you with guidance if you are looking to work as a professional dog trainer at major companies like Petco. Please visit /career.asp for more information about our various career services.



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