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Land a Vet Assistant job soon after Graduation

During a time when most people are searching to find jobs, veterinarian assistants keep landing them. The majority of veterinary assistants that graduate from ABC Veterinary Assistant school go straight from their externships to employment.

ABC offers the kind of quality training and certification program that students need to find jobs quickly after graduation. In addition to vet assistant training, the program offers hands-on externship opportunities where students get to practice the techniques they have learned in an animal hospital setting. Since ABC offers a mandatory externship opportunity as part of its comprehensive program, students automatically build strong relationships with training facilities, increasing their chances for employment opportunities within the same companies.

Many professionals in the animal jobs industry agree that there is an abundance of veterinarian assistant jobs available in animal hospitals, animal clinics, kennels, doggie daycares, grooming facilities, animal shelters and laboratories. While there are many veterinarian assistant jobs available, many of those who start at the entry level want to move up. Veterinarian assistant employees can move up to become animal trainers, veterinary technicians or zoologists. In some cases, students discover they would like to continue their education and become veterinarians.

Students who become ABC certified veterinary assistants are capable of demonstrating a high level of dedication and commitment to future employers. According to ABC, more than 96 percent of all veterinarians surveyed said they would prefer to employ veterinary assistants who pursued and achieved certification over those who did not. Unlike other veterinary assistant schools, ABC offers quality education and certification so students can find employment right after graduation.




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