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Working with Circus Animals

One of the reasons that many people choose to become a veterinary assistant is because they love the thrill of the unknown. Working in the field means that every day has the potential to bring with it challenges that you've never seen before. Working with animals also means that there is a huge variety of jobs that you can get, from working as a vet assistant at an animal hospital to becoming a zookeeper. But while some jobs might make you feel like you are in the circus, some animal careers can actually put you in the circus.

Major circuses like the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus travel with a virtual menagerie of animals. While you might not be interested in working as lion tamer, the fact is that all of the animals at the zoo need attention in order to be safe, happy and perform at their best. If you enjoy travel, entertainment and doing something truly unique, then working as an animal trainer at a major circus can be one of the most rewarding animal jobs around -- and certainly it's one of the most unique.

Some of the top graduates from veterinary assistant schools wind up working in the entertainment industry. For example, any movie that requires animals to be on-set will also need people qualified to assure their proper handling and care. Working in the circus is no different, except that this is a full-time job that can take you around the country and all over the world as your provide care and support to animals that thrill millions of children and adults.

Working in the circus will expose you to some animals that you otherwise might not have the ability to work with such as elephants, lions, tigers and horses. Training working with large animals in veterinary assistant school is a benefit that can help you get one of these highly competitive jobs. However, the most important skill that a prospective animal trainer at the zoo can have is a willingness to learn quickly and try new things. After all, you never know what might happen when the circus comes to town.





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