Oster Reports In from SuperZoo 2014

Grooming trends and product advice from a master groomer.
By Chris Pawlosky, CMG

Oster’s Master Groomer Chris Pawlosky discusses the trends she noticed at SuperZoo 2014, an annual pet industry tradeshow held in Las Vegas this past July, and offers a few ways to refresh grooming practices.


What trends or new innovations did you notice at SuperZoo 2014?

One big thing I noticed at SuperZoo was the prevalence of cordless grooming products. Lithium-ion products are holding up to the daily workload of a professional groomer better than ever, and they offer freedom of movement to the groomer. The technology has proven itself in our industry. During my demos at the Oster booth, the new Li+Ion Spin™ nail grinder was a big hit among groomers who tested the product. The Oster Li+Ion Volt clipper also has become many groomers’ main clipping tool and lithium-ion adjustable blade trimmers are everywhere. Cordless technology has come a long way, and the grooming industry is taking notice.


What are some of the key show takeaways that groomers can use in their shops?

I find that grooming tools are becoming more and more ergonomic. From grooming tables and tubs to clippers and shears, grooming tools are being designed with the groomer’s comfort and workloads in mind. Groomers need to update their tool kits with new ergonomic tools to prolong their careers.


What other tips could you offer that can help groomers refresh their routines, tools or everyday practices?

I believe that you never stop learning, so simply attending a show like SuperZoo is refreshing for groomers of any experience level. Watching and learning from the industry’s top groomers who share their tips and trick is priceless. To refresh your everyday routine, be sure to approach each dog the same way. The more consistent you are in your approach, the faster and more consistent you become as a groomer. The better you understand canine anatomy and breed standards, the more refined your work will become. Pet owners will drive for miles to come see you.


Oster Li+Ion Spin Nail Grinder

Providing cordless convenience to the groomer on the move, the grinder is the newest product to join the Oster brand’s collection of lithium ion cordless tools. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the grinder helps to ease the prep work of groomers and save them valuable time.


A6® Purple Slim™ Clipper

The clipper’s slender body is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, while its high-powered motor delivers 3,100 to 4,400 SPM. With its purple housing, it adds a pop of personality to a groomer’s toolkit. 
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Christina Pawlosky is a Certified Master Groomer (NDGAA), professional handler, breeder, and pet store and grooming shop owner since 1985. She works for Jarden Consumer Solutions/Manufacturer of Oster Professional Products, as its National Training Manager in the pet division. She won the first-ever Barkleigh Honors Award for Speaker of the Year. Chris has won the Cardinal Crystal Achievement awards for Groomer of the Year, Congeniality and Judge of the Year. After winning the Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions in 1995, she retired from competitive grooming. With her specialty in Poodles and Brussels Griffons, she has handled and bred many champions.

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