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8/15/2012 How To Transport Kitty

How To Transport Kitty

Tips on Transporting Your Cat

Someday in the life of your cat, you will eventually need to take her to the vet, groomer, or move her to a new location whether for living permanently or for boarding. Instead of chasing down the cat and trying to trap it with a blanket or towel, think about using a less disturbing method.

Before you convey any indications that you are even thinking about transporting the cat anywhere, you will have to make a plan. If you just suddenly take out the carrier, then kitty will disappear and you will have to pry her out of the hard to reach location.

Cat Containment

Hours before your appointment, work on containment. If you feed your cat in the kitchen and it has doors that can be closed, begin with that. Otherwise, try to feed or give treats in a room that has doors that you can close. Preferably, in a room, that does not have beds, sofas, and other inaccessible places to hide. Better yet, have the carrier in that consolidated room, in a place that is accessible for you and the cat. If the carrier is stored open where the cat can check it out, she may even use it as a place to nap. In addition, if a treat is placed inside every once in a while, it will entice her to visit.

Practice Trips

Another way to make a trip to the veterinarian or groomer not so traumatic is by taking kitty on a ride in its carrier before. It is always best to condition a pet in a gentle non-stressful way, especially when they are young. However, it is never too late to begin conditioning your cat. If you have a cat that is difficult to handle and scratches, you can invest in a pair of pet handling gloves to have ready in case they are considered necessary.

A little before trip planning could not only go a long way in the comfort of your cat and your sanity, but could also prevent any frantic spraying that could soil your car.

Always Use A Pet Carrier

Another thing to remember is that cats should always be transported in a carrier, especially to the veterinarian or groomer. Dogs in the waiting room may frighten them and you could end up being bitten or scratched. Keep all of these tips in mind when you are considering how to “transport kitty”, whether it be for a visit to the doctor or a family vacation that is much needed!

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