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6/13/2012 The Poodle Cut

Grooming Your Poodle

Poodles are cute, playful and loveable dogs! Due to all of these attributes, they are very popular. It is quite possible many owners adopted or bought their poodle because they are so famous for being loveable. The pet owners also knew about the fabulous “poodle” cut. These people most likely did not give consideration to any special needs that poodles might have. Poodles are not “low maintenance” by any means. In fact, just the opposite is true. They are “very high maintenance” pets. So, let’s talk poodles!

Poodle's Fur

Whether you have a small toy poodle or a large standard poodle they all have the same kind of fur: very, very, curly. The fur never sheds and never stops growing. Summer or winter they need regular grooming, including baths, frequent brushing, and clipping. The most popular styles are either the traditional “poodle” cut or the “summer” cut.

Summer Cut Caution

A lot of people think during the summertime it is best to give their dog a summer cut. That means clip the fur so they have no curls and this in turn will help keep the dog cooler. If that is the chosen style the pet owners need to make sure not to cut the fur so short that the poodle gets sunburned. Yes, that is possible!

Longer Coat Style

If a longer coat style is chosen for the summer, here are some things to do to maintain the fur and help the dog’s comfort and health. First and most importantly, brush your poodle daily. If your poodle likes to swim, make sure you brush any mats out before they jump in the water. If mats and tangles get wet, when they dry out the mats and tangles will get much tighter. This could cause discomfort to your dog.

It is best to get your poodle used to being groomed while it is a puppy. This should be a consistently scheduled time. Make it an enjoyable bonding time for you as well as your dog. Frequent brushing helps get rid of matted and tangled fur.

Do A Search When Grooming

While you are doing the grooming always be certain to do a total hands-on search. Feel for any prickly things or bumps under the fur. These may be foxtails, debris, or ticks. If your dog starts aggressively scratching or licking one area, especially after a romp outdoors, this could be a sign of ticks. Remember, just because your dog went swimming, doesn’t mean the problems hidden under the fur was washed away. Actively hunt for these items.

Bathe your poodle occasionally with a quality dog shampoo. Clean the ears often. Some people use trusted commercial ear cleaning solution for dogs. A professional groom will remove hair from inside the ear canal. This will help avoid ear infections.

Lastly, inspect the dog’s feet. A professional groomer, in addition to cleaning ear canals, shaves the fur on the toes of your pet. This should be short enough for you to see between each toe. Take advantage of this to make sure there are no foxtails-or ticks there, either.

Poodles are regarded as one of the most intelligent of all the dogs. They love prancing around, especially when they feel and look their best. Take good care of your poodle and enjoy their company.

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