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1/24/2012 Brushing Cats

Often cat owners do not take their pet for regular grooming sessions because they think that cats groom themselves. This is true, but cats do need a little bit of help with the brushing procedure. Regular brushing of your feline will keep down the amount of hair that the cat swallows, which results in hairballs. Regular brushing will also help to keep the older cats from developing mats in their fur. Matted cats are one of the major reasons that cat owners take their cats to the groomer.

Taking a matted cat to the groomer is an ordeal in itself. You will need a cat carrier, and of course as soon as you pull out the cat carrier the cat will think she is going to the veterinarian and hide from you! Once you do get the cat to the groomer, they will most likely have a cat mask put on. Then the cat will go through the torture of being shaved to the skin. To avoid the torture of having to have your cat shaved at the groomer, you should develop a regular brushing routine.

Indoor cats constantly shed and have a fluffy undercoat that becomes heavy and packed several times of year. Regular brushing will cut down on the amount of hair dropped all over the house, left on cloth furniture, and scattered on your clothing as well as the hair seen on the back of people leaving your home! For short hair cats, you should use a soft bristle brush. Long hair cats will need a longer soft bristle brush and a metal comb to work out any mats.

The earlier you begin your brushing routine the better. If your cat is already ten years old, it may take you a few months to condition her into accepting the new activity. Try to do it when the cat is relaxing on your lap and be aware of the signals that she has had quite enough. If you push brushing for too long the first time, you will find that the next time she spots you with the brush she will be gone in a flash!

Keep the brush near the place you will brush her. Having a bag of treats nearby is also a good way to show kitty that this is a worthwhile activity.

In the end, you will have some wonderful one on one time with your happy mat-free kitty.

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