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8/31/2011 Grooming Smocks

In the world of pet grooming, on the job apparel isn’t designed for fashion as much as functionality, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a wide array of grooming attire to choose from! On a daily basis a groomer may wear any number of professional groomer’s accoutrements that may include gloves, scrubs, and of course smocks. The smock is the most common on the job uniform for a groomer but even within the realm of smocks, there are many choices.

A dog grooming smock will help the groomer stay clean and dry while tending to their four legged, furry friends. When deciding what type of a smock to choose, it’s important to do some research first in order to decide which style and material of smock would be the most comfortable and functional for the groomer. The groomer should first decide if they would prefer to work in a pull over smock or a button, snap, or zipper smock.

Button, snap or zipper smocks are essentially “grooming jackets”. They are easy to put on, like a coat, and fasten up the front. This offers a certain amount of freedom for the groomer as they can wear it over their personal clothes. However, some groomers prefer pull over smocks. Pull over smocks are more similar to a large oversized T-shirt. The benefit of a pull over smock is, of course, that a snap or button can come undone while the groomer is in the midst of bathing a client, letting water in while the groomer is hard at work.

Once you know what style of smock you want, you can go from there in deciding what kind of fabric or material you’d like the smock to be made of. Smocks are available in every type material from cotton to Teflon-coated nylon or mesh. The most important thing is to know your options and make sure you find the right frock for you. A happy groomer leads to happy pet clients!

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